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Many customers purchase or evaluate Miser family products and we often ask that they document their test results and experiences for us. Below is a collection of our customers' letters and/or test results on these subjects in PDF form. Some of these documents refer to Bayview Technologies as this was the name of the company prior to the aquisition by USA Technologies in 2003. You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. Download a copy of Acrobat Reader and PDF Viewer plug-in if it is not already installed.

Please note that these letters should not be construed as product endorsements by either the individuals or the institutions that employ them.

The City of Houston purchased 285 VendingMisers for beverage vending machines in City-owned and operated facilities and parks. The devices, which reduce energy consumption by powering down the machine when the surrounding area is vacant, will be installed on the beverage vending machines in the coming weeks. Together these energy saving devices will reduce the City's vending machine electricity consumption by forty to fifty percent. This represents an annual savings of $34,712 or $98 per machine.

The Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center study revealed that the installation of the VendingMiser on beverage vending machines at the University of Louisville Kentucky showed energy savings between 28% and 63%.

To reduce pollution, energy costs and energy usage for state agencies, the Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) purchased 250 VendingMisers, expected to save taxpayers approximately $15,600 per year.

Orange County Public Schools turned to VendingMisers as a solution to help with rising cost of energy. The district believes the VendingMiser could save about $180,000 a year in energy costs, with a "payback" of eight months on the investment. Available for download is the case study from and a feature story published in EnergyVortex.

The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), proactive in reducing energy costs, installs VendingMisers® on Navy bases in the continental United States, Pearl Harbor and Guam.

The Energy Efficiency Guide for Colorado Businesses suggests VendingMiser® for energy reduction, saving 1,000 to 1,500 kWh annually on energy consumption.

Middlebury College's pilot project turns into a full-fledged effort to equip VendingMisers® on the school's vending machines. Test results from the pilot project indicated a 46% decrease in electricity use and CO2 reduction. Efficiency Vermont provided incentives along with technical assistance to install the VendingMiser® energy-control devices.

Efficiency Maine touts the savings expected at Catherine McAuley High School in Portland and John Baptist High School in Bangor.

Pinellas County School District, in Florida, bought VendingMisers® for 800 of the schools cold drink vending machines. Testing on 5 different machines yielded savings of 32 - 55%. The school district expects to save over $660,000 in electricity costs in a five-year period.

A team of graduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign performed an extensive study of VendingMiser® applications for two types of university buildings.

The U.S Army's Energy Management Office in Fort Hood, TX recently evaluated the VendingMiser®. Installing the VendingMiser® to a vending machine in their headquarters break room resulted in average energy savings of 48.9% or $60/year.

"Putting Energy Into Profits: Energy Star Guide for Small Business", National Trust, and Rebuild America, is a guide designed to help small businesses take advantage of the benefits of energy efficiency. The Moscow, Idaho School District VendingMiser® installation is highlighted as a Success Story in the guide.

The Atlantic Cape Community College has had VendingMisers® since mid-1999. The letter reviews the fact that the VendingMisers® have worked flawlessly, and are invisible to their staff and students.

The GSA Energy Office in Chicago, IL tested the VendingMiser® and measured 51% energy savings. This report includes detailed spreadsheet results.

The U.S. Navy has had several bases who have successfully installed VendingMisers®. Wallops Island, the Everett Naval Station, and the Jacksonville Naval Air Station have all demonstrated that even in a tough military environment the VendingMisers® operate invisibly and effectively.

The National Park Service has tested the VendingMiser® at the Whitman Mission National Historic Site and measured 47% savings. Although this was measured on a small, low power vending machine, the percent savings will be replicated on a large vending machine.

The University of Georgia installed 272 VendingMisers® on their campus after measuring 43% average savings during their tests. A follow-up e-mail from the University confirms just how invisible their installation is.

E-Source, the authoritative consulting company on energy matters, completed a report for their clients on the effectiveness of the VendingMiser®. This thorough report provides another set of data points documenting VendingMiser's savings and effectiveness. (Note that only the introduction is available on the site - the entire report must be obtained from an E-Source member, likely to be your local utility. Contact USA Technologies for further information.)

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