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Reducing Energy Use for Vending Machines, Coolers and other Electronic Devices.



The second generation of the CoolerMiser™, CM2iQ is an immediate, cost-effective upgrade to existing glass-front coolers.

With CM2iQ®, it's what's inside that counts.

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The CM2iQ incorporates the innovative, energy-saving CoolerMiser technology in a 3" device that installs inside any refrigerated cooler, replacing the mechanical cold control.

CM2iQ's inside advantage...

  • Quick, inexpensive solution to energy savings and conservation
  • Not visible to end-user
  • Won't compromise delivery of chilled product
  • Tamper-proof
  • Early ROI
  • Helps environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Prolongs lifespan of machine by reducing wear and tear
  • RoHs compliant*

The chill of it all...

The CM2iQ controls the cooling system in a cooler, allowing the advertising lighting to remain on while in energy-savings mode.

Cool change...

Sales information triggers the cooling system's transit to and from energy-savings mode - detecting when the door is open. When the cooling system is powered down, the CM2iQ monitors the cold box temperature and automatically re-powers the cooling system.

Insulated costs...

The CM2iQ's intelligent energy-control technology can save you up to 35% on your annual utility costs - that's typically $100-$150 per machine**.

* RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliance restricts the use of hazardous materials in electronic products in an effort to reduce the stream of hazardous waste sent to landfills.

**Based on lab and field testing on a variety of cooler brands, models and capacities.

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